Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Boiled Tapioca/Kappa Puzhukku/Chenda kappa

Tapioca  is also known as Yuca root.Tapioca is known as Kappa (കപ്പ) or Poola or Maracheeni or Cheeni in malayalam,Karrapendalam in telugu, kolli in Kannada,Maravallikezangu or Kuchikezangu in Tamil.
This tapioca is used for preparing chips,tapioca pearl is used for thickening dishes and in Kerala this Tapioca and fish curry is a very common and tasty food.and also Simply boiled tapioca is also tastier with fish curry or chili chutney...

You can find this tapioca in almost all Indian/Mexican/Chinese Grocery shop..Be choosy ,otherwise it won't taste good.If the root have any black marks or splits, try to avoid that..Taste is purely depends on the quality of the product.

Here i am going to present how can we prepare the boiled Tapioca.Its commonly known as Kappa Puzhukku or Chenda Kappa.

Preparation time ;15 minute
Cost   :$0.99-1.25/Pound


Tapioca - 2 nos
Salt : to taste
Water- 1 cup

How to cut the Tapioca :

Step 1 : first cut the whole tapioca into small cylinders as shown in picture
Step 2: Just make a slit into each cylinder and simply remove the thick skin.

  •  Add the tapioca cubes in the pressure cooker.Add 1 cup of water (Usually add enough water which covers the tapioca.) Add salt to taste.
  • Boil the kappa until the 2 whistle.
  • Just drain the excess water and place the boiled tapioca in a serving dish...
  • Have it with Chutney or Fish curry; with a cup of hot black tea. 
Try this recipe today and have a nice snack .

Points to Ponder
1.Don't add more water.
2.Usually good tapioca's will take one whistle to cook.So check accordingly.
3.Add enough salt .After adding the salt to water just taste and make sure its enough


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