Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mutton Fry/Lamb Fry

I think some of my friends(blog visitors) have tried the mutton curry recipe.how was that yummy right? those who didn't try the mutton curry just try this one.today's special is mutton fry,how do u feel...it's a very simple and easy one...

 Cooking time:15-20minutes
 Cost of the item :3.99/pound

 Garlic:4 pods of medium size 
 Redchili powder: 1tbs
 Fennel seed :3/4tbs
 Turmeric powder:1/2tsp
 Salt:to taste


Step1:Make a nice paste of redchili powder,turmeric powder,garlic,fennel seed and salt.just add one tsp of water. it will help to grind the ingredients very nicely.

Step2:Marinate the mutton with the paste.keep it aside for 30 minutes.

Step3:In a pressure cooker add the marinated mutton with 1/4 cup of water.just boil it in medium heat for 5-7 minute or until 2 whistle.if the cooked mutton have water in it.  just boil it uncovered until all the water dried up.

Step4:Heat oil in a pan,add some curry leaves into the oil then add the cooked mutton pieces.fry it until well done or getting the brown color.

The delicious  mutton fry is ready to eat.have it with rice or chappati.

Points to ponder:
  • Do not add more than a spoon of water for grinding the ingredients.
  • Just fry the ingredients just before grinding (not garlic)
  • Do not add excess water for boiling the mutton.
  • If you make the fry more spicier add more red chili powder.

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Malar Gandhi said...

Mutton fry is clearly taking my heart away...

Thanks for visiting my site, dear. I really appreciate your comments. Its good to discover your site'...wow, you have all my favourite collections here:):)

I am die hard fan of non-veg recipes, this mutton fry is too good.:)

Suhaina said...

Its looks so tastey.

Vinukum said...

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Unknown said...

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